Big Science for Little Thinkers

Combining dance, drama and interactive workshops, Commotion aims to explore and test the physics theories surrounding sound, light, electricity and forces with a comprehensive and engaging approach.​

Made in collaboration with Warwick University’s Ogden Trust’s physics and education specialist and in consultation with learning experts, Commotion has proved its ability to engage and inspire children and impact positively on their learning.

Commotion gives children the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of scientific investigation, developing an enjoyment of science, an understanding of key principles of physics and the energy to take investigations further.

Exploring: Forces, Light, Sound and Electricity through performance, experimentation and participation!

Commotion is a 60 minute performance by a core cast of three professional performers who provide a lively experience for children using a combination of dance, drama and practical demonstrations.


A 60 minute live presentation exploring light, sound, electricity and movement through high energy dance and drama and interactive practical demonstrations.

Physics comes to life as light rays reflect, gravity pulls, electrons spin and we re-live Newton’s incredible journey towards the scientific breakthrough we still use, even today!

The performance invites audience members to take part in practical demonstrations and ‘experiments’ using their bodies to help audience understand key scientific facts.

Commotion asks children to engage in understanding how physics affects our everyday lives, provides explanation to some key scientific concepts and encourages a desire to learn more.


Choose from a number of workshops designed to explore the key concepts of Light, Sound, Electricty and Forces. Workhops range from creative investigations, human chain re-action machines and  practical demonstrations.

Each workshop provides practical and engaging activities which help participants take responsibitlity for their own learning and understanding of physics.


Resource pack

A supporting teacher's resource pack with information to enhance the project and the science it explores is available with all bookings.


The resource pack is an information booklet packed full of practical follow-on classroom activities and experiements to develop concepts explored by Commotion, suitable for all ages and abilities.

"There was a real buzz in the hall... Concepts were taught in a way children could understand and which appealed to them. Very visual, fast moving and interactive."

"An incredible experience for all those involved, the practitioners were focused, energised and inspiring, the children were in awe and learnt so much!"

"It’s great! I’d never have thought to teach science like this. I’ve learnt so much already and the kids are so engaged."

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