Artist Training

Opportunities to deliver training to artists and providing employment for practitioners in projects as facilitators and performers is vital to the company’s growth as providers of innovative participatory projects for children and young people.


We strive to work with new and emerging artists as part of the production of any new piece of performance. Offering opportunities to benefit from involvement in the creative process. Artist training as part of the creative process of making performance provides inspiration, ideas and time for emerging artists to understand the company’s approaches to making work that appeals to and engages children and young people. 


Highly Sprung train new practitioners through ongoing programmes of skill sharing, mentoring and training including extensive shadowing opportunities as part of the One Giant Leap and Physical Fellowship projects. The company are always looking to expand its pool of experienced artists and offers training to ensure the quality and understanding of the principles and kinaesthetic learning approaches and processes of our work.

Training with Highly Sprung incorporates opportunities to understand the context and relevance of arts within education, with a focus on the roles that arts and culture play in society how Highly Sprung projects nurture cultural values, habits and how arts and culture can act as motivators and enablers of learning.

"Training with Highly Sprung enhanced my teaching practice and equipped me with a new skill set. I learnt to approach  workshops as a narrative, and this has provided me with a structure to my teaching that I can be creative and play with."

 Emily Robertson, Emerging Practitioner

"Throughout the project, I have been mentored and guided through the project, this allowed me to feel supported from start  to finish." Ashley Roberts, Emerging Practitioner

Current Opportunities


Placement opportunities in rehearsals are offered on an ongoing basis.

If you are interested in undertaking a placement with the company please send your details and reasons for your placement (academic or personal development)


We will then be able to make you an offer based on your suitability and availability of placements.


There are currently no upcoming auditions for emerging artists.

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Ongoing Opportunities

physical theatre companies

physical theatre workshops midlands


The opportunity to invest in the bespoke training of emerging artist puts Highly Sprung in the unique position to establish a method for training artists through the delivery of our flagship programmes of work.


Training as emerging practitioners are offered on an ongoing basis and provides opportunities to observe, co-deliver and participate in Highly Sprung education and community based projects. The aim of apprenticeships is to develop skilled advocates and experienced practitioners in kinaesthetic learning within the arts and education sector.

If you are interested in training as an emerging practitioner please contact us with your details, current experience and reasons for wanting to become a Highly Sprung Trainee. Send to:


Shadowing is a vital part of our training of emerging practitioners. Shadowing the work of Highly Sprung artists gives trainees opportunities to develop individual practice and see the approaches and techniques used by Highly Sprung in education.


We offer shadowing opportunities to aid academic study and skill development on an ongoing basis. Shadowing opportunities are fully supported throughout the process through mentoring and planning sessions to reflect on the sessions build kinaesthetic learning practice.

To discuss possible shadowing opportunities contact:


Mentoring supports trainees and shadowing opportunities in order to develop experience and understanding of the role of facilitator of an arts and education project.


Mentoring enables discussions and reflection around the experiences that are being undertaken as an apprentice or whilst shadowing and further explores the approaches that the company has developed in kinaesthetic learning.

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