"Thought Provoking and high energy from start to finish."

"This could be the game changer."

You’re told to work hard, go to school, get your exams, blah, blah, blah.

Why bother? You’d rather be in a club, having a laugh. Chilling with your mates.


But then there’s your mate Jay, he’s really down. Lost all hope. 

What you don’t know is that Jay’s got a plan. 

Highly Sprung’s high-energy physical theatre performance takes you inside a nightclub where three teenage friends embark on a journey of love, loss and self-discovery. You will be immersed in a frantic, energy fuelled production of dance, music, aerial movement and storytelling. 

Get ready to go clubbing. You’re in for the night of your life.

Learning and Outreach

Highly Sprung is passionate about education & outreach. Providing educational opportunities for young people forms a key part of the company ethos and vision as part of the touring programme for Fall Out we offered unique workshops to schools and community groups.

In addition to the performance the tour drew on the company’s expertise in working directly with audiences of young people, offering opportunities for education and community participation... Download the resource pack for more information.


​"My students really had a thought-provoking, inspired and enjoyable evening. I think the work you are doing is necessary, relevant and relatable for its audience"

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Highly Sprung Workshops Ltd is a registered charity 

Registered Charity number: 1178239

Registered office: Unit 4, Sandy Lane Business Park, Coventry, CV1 4DQ

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Unit 4, Sandy Lane Business Park
Sandy Lane, Coventry, CV1 4DQ