Seen But Never Heard

Seen But Never Heard is a new project using the transformative power of performance to engage 50 young people age 11-19

to use their natural creativity to impact positively on the city they live in, Coventry. Engaging in impactful social action, as well as developing transferable skills that supports progression into employment, education or enterprise. 

This project is enabling young people find productive ways to harness their natural energy and enthusiasm in making their city a better place, for the benefit of the young people and the communities around them. 


Seen But Never Heard is a performance project involving young people with limited experience of social action and low self-esteem, giving them a chance to increase their confidence and find their voice, engaging in a cause which is significant to the city in which they are living. 


Coventry has long been recognised as a city of peace and reconciliation, it is vital that the city’s young people understand this title and ensure that the city continues to be recognised in this way in the future. 

Seen But Never Heard partners Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre giving the young people engaged in the project first hand opportunities to meet with and better understand the needs of refugees and migrants who have arrived to settle in Coventry, learning to support their integration, and find ways to better contribute to the life of the city.

#iwill Campaign 

Making social action part of life

for10-20 year-olds

The #iwill campaign brings together hundreds of organisations from all sectors to embed meaningful social action into the lives of young people across the UK. Social action includes activities such as campaigning, fundraising and volunteering, all of which create a double-benefit – to communities and young people themselves.

See the performance of Seen But Never Heard

The Physical Fellowship: a four-day festival of physical theatre for young people. The festival includes workshops with visiting internationally acclaimed professional physical theatre companies and four evenings of performance created for the festival by young people from participating schools and youth groups working with Highly Sprung.


Each evening will involve performances from schools, youth groups and the headline performance Seen But Never Heard by Sprungsters showcases the potential of physical performance by some of Coventry’s most talented young performers.

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