My Overall Thoughts Of Professional Practise At Highly Sprung!

May 24, 2018

After being asked to write a final blog for Highly Sprung, I sit in the Daimler Office reflecting on what I have learnt from my six week placement. More specifically, what skills can I take back with me to drama school?

The first thing I must note is that I am so thankful for being offered the amazing opportunity to work with such a unique company. There are not many physical theatre companies on a small scale that are constantly creating high-class work like Highly Sprung do and it has been a pleasure to be able to say I have been involved with their work! Over my six weeks I have witnessed rehearsals, administration, workshops, teacher training days, performances and youth theatre groups. All of these different experiences have filled me with aspiration and hope for when I graduate in 2019. I have witnessed the importance of Highly Sprung’s work and because of this it has enabled me to broaden my thinking as to where I might like to place myself in the industry.

The different skills I have learnt from the past six weeks have been immense. I have been able to improve my own relationship with physical theatre after being involved with numerous workshops and through direct help from the team. My confidence in being able to create physical theatre work was none existent until now. The company has improved my confidence dramatically. I have also learnt many different techniques for the devising process of physical movement. Simplicity is always the best! If you start an activity with a complex move you will soon find yourself stuck when the activity progresses.

The whole experience for me has been unique and diverse. I have had the ultimate pleasure of working alongside all of the staff at Highly Sprung and I can not thank them enough for welcoming me into their team. Every member has taught me something different from facilitating a group of children to how they create authentic physical work. I can see that Highly Sprung have an amazing team who all bring different skills that create a professional dedicated theatre company. I have loved every second of my time at placement and I could not think of spending my time anywhere else! I can not put into words how much I have enjoyed working with everyone! Highly Sprung has given me a positive and exciting experience of what working in a professional company can feel like, so thank you! And I hope to see you all again in the near future. Good Luck! 



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