Space - Galaxies of Inspiration & Performance

February 1, 2019

Highly Sprung LOVE Space. There is something about there being whole galaxies out there ready for exploration that we can't resist - it sparks our imaginations as we wonder what these new planets might look like, how it might be to live in space or what a space based future might hold.


We also love to use Space to inspire and engage the children and young people that we work with - working with maths and science to explore new planets in our 2016 One Giant Leap project with our space explorers aged 7 - 9 or using the Mars One mission, where ordinary people volunteered to be part of a one-way trip to Mars, to inspire performance with a Secondary School for the Physical Fellowship.


Our love for Space has also inspired two outdoor performance projects, and as 2019 is the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, you can expect to see both performances around the country (and maybe the world!) at festivals and events this year!

 Our award winning Urban Astronaut imagines a future where the Earth has been ruined by air pollution - where the Astronaut in question is not visiting a new planet, but returning to Earth from Space to investigate. This is a cautionary tale to make audiences consider how we can save our planet before it it too late. However exciting it might be to explore Space, we want to make sure we look after the Earth as well!


We also have The Roswells, our alien family who are visiting Earth on holiday from a distant galaxy - trying to find out more about our planet, our events and traditions. The Roswells like to go on walkabouts, meeting Humans their families, joining in with activities - having fun despite the language barrier (our Aliens can't speak!) and providing lots of laughter with their cheeky interactions.


Would you like a space themed workshop for your school to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Moon Landing? Perhaps you would like to book the Urban Astronaut or The Roswells for your event. Contact us to book!

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