A Week In The World Of Work

The idea of work experience has always been rather daunting for me as I have always been rather clueless when thinking about the world of work. So, I decided to apply for a week’s worth of experience at Highly Sprung, hoping to get a better understanding into the world of performing arts in schools and the arts industry.

I have been doing theatre work since the age of four and it has always been a strong passion of mine and I was very sure that I wanted to do something in the performance industry.


I came in on Monday extremely nervous yet with high expectations as I’ve had a couple of workshops with Highly Sprung in the past and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. The first day involved helping Mark to teach Year 2 students about the Black Death and the Great Fire of London. And yet with a subject so dark and distressing, we managed to make the lesson fun-filled for the little ones, thanks to Mark’s witty humour! I really enjoyed seeing the children think about how life was like back in 1665/1666 and watching them acting the story out using their bodies.


As the week progressed, I started to feel more confident in communicating with others and began to receive a greater understanding of work from working in the office and researching about upcoming projects and learning about all of the amazing work that has been produced in the past. All of Highly Sprung’s performances have got a very powerful story to them and the one that really stood out for me was Urban Astronaut, which I believe has won a few awards. The tasks that I’ve been given this week have all been different, some more challenging than others, for example, helping young kids learn about some deep topics without making it too complex but making them understand in a fun way, but I was thrown in the deep end immediately and I’ve enjoyed every minute of working with this company. I really enjoyed working in the Herbert Art Gallery and in the Coventry Transport Museum and seeing the children thinking about how they can include scientific aspects into their performance.


From this experience I’ve learnt a lot about the world of work and have gained a better insight into theatre within education and has helped give me an idea of becoming a drama teacher in the future.


It has been a pleasure to work with the team this week and it has been a fantastic experience and I wouldn’t want to spend my week doing anything different. 

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