Happy Mother's Day

March 31, 2019

As today is Mother’s Day, some of the Highly Sprung team have been reflecting on some of the amazing women we have in our lives – who have helped shape us, support us and truly make us who we are today!




Mark – Artistic Director

I remember sitting in front of my, soon to be, headteacher at secondary school and my mum piped up; “Mark would love to be involved in your drama productions…” despite the fact that i had NEVER been on stage in my life, I’d refused to participate in a primary school production and although I was the only nativity Donkey that could say Nazareth, I still wasn’t the one to carry Mary! As far as I was aware my mum was perhaps talking about one of my brothers and had just been confused… she does have three sons after all. However, 5 years later I summed up the courage and went on to the stage in my first production at the age of 16. I caught the bug and realised my mum was, as always, right! When my brothers comment “…well you’re no Lawrence Olivier” or “when you come and watch me at work, I’ll come and see you working!” my mum is there supporting me and often offering the greatest of critical feedback. 


In retirement she has become a chaperone for our younger Sprungs and continues to sing the virtues of the arts to as many children and young people as possible. I don’t think I’d have even thought about a life in the arts without her and for that I am eternally grateful. I wasn’t a performing arts kid when I was younger, but she has definitely become a performing arts kid’s grandmother in her retirement; racing around dropping off children and picking them up. 


An inspiration, a visionary and now an advocate… Thanks mum!


Sarah – Executive Director

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to recognise the incredible influence that significant women play in our lives and I feel so very lucky that I am still surrounded by so many in my family and beyond. It’s a time to thank the brilliant work of these women to raise bold, inventive, resilient children who aren’t afraid to walk into the world feeling confident and proud of what they can achieve. 


I have two grandmothers, both in their nineties, both incredible women and mothers to ever growing numbers of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, a testament to the fact that love has no limits. 


I have an amazing mother whose strength and determination gave me the same in my own life, making me always work to be the best version of myself. She also gave me an introduction to yoga as a child, a practice that still provides me with an energy and focus I am so thankful for.


A wonderful mother-in-law who defies all stereotypes and is nothing short of brilliant, providing care, encouragement and endless positivity for both me and my children, without which I would not be able to do the work I do…and she cooks the best lasagne ever!!


There are so many other mothers who inspire me every day, women who work and still invest in raising a family with equal passion. Those incredible care-givers who are hands on and knee deep in that messy business of life. 


To all those mothers who are, who are soon to be, who are but not to their own and who are without ever dreaming they would be… thank you for providing me with all that I need to do it too…




Zoe – Company Administrator

Every single essay, and my dissertation, my Mum proofread for me when I was at University, as well as sending care packages including homemade biscuits. She has always been there for me and supported me in everything that I have done – we now run a Guide unit together and I think we make a pretty good team – without her, I don’t know where I’d be!


Ben – Associate Artist

Throughout education, my mum was always helping to support me with the academics to help me succeed, but not with the practical side, she was rubbish! She’s always been there for me, she tries to go to every show we do, even if it’s not as good, and always full of praise and just whenever I’m feeling low, she gives me that energy burst to make me go a little bit further.  My sister, she started when we were kids, we are always inseparable and she was into her dance and I hated dance, but now the roles have changed – I’m the dancer, and she’s lost her rhythm! But again, she’s always there to help and support when needed and is always still there by my side. Lastly my Nan, she never saw any of the shows, but she saw them all of the time on the iPad when I went round to see her. The first comment she always said was ‘Didn’t that hurt, why would you do that!’ but always having that smile on her face when she watched it.



Emily – Associate Artist 

I love my mum, she is incredible, the most caring and generous person I think that exists on the planet, she makes everybody feel at home, and makes sure that they are well fed, and she’s just lovely and really sunny. She is also really strong. I also have my step-mum, who is brilliant and artistic, and she came into my life when I was 11, but I feel like she’s always been a part of it. And women who have guided me in my life – my University lecturers at Chichester University, all of whom were women, were really encouraging and our very own Sarah Worth – she’s pretty awesome as a mentor and a boss.




Cheryl – Currently on Work Placement from Hong Kong, with Highly Sprung

The day I met an angel, I gazed into her eyes

I see love, love, and more love

‘Welcome to the world’, she whispers, pampering

‘Just like butterflies’



When moonlight sleeps upon the flowerbed

She sings to me a lullaby, ‘Pinocchio’ unread

When sunlight wakes up on my bed

Warm kisses on my cheeks, morning lips in red


She teaches me ways of wisdom ― To always be true

She says it is beautiful to be human, to walk life through

She teaches me about love, she teaches me about life

To be a loving daughter, loving woman, mother and wife


When my heart was broken

She is comfort, she is home

When her heart was broken

She is comfort, she is home 

When the world was broken 

She is comfort, she is home


Reflection in the vanity mirror, her hair fell down in curls

No halo, no wings, no feather,  

Angel in disguise, there stands my mother



Have a very happy Mother’s Day all you wonderful women!

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