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May 17, 2019


This term we have decided to tackle an infinitely huge topic with our youngest Sprungsters

Saturday Sprungsters, age from 4-11, will be exploring time, as their focus for the Summer term, with the ambition to create their very own time capsule by the start of the Summer holidays.


So far, we have had great fun exploring different periods of history from the Dinosaurs, stone age, Aztecs and Victorians, as well as finding out more about our future dreams and plans. We’ve already built time machines inspired by H.G Wells’ ‘The Time Traveller’ and travelled so far into the future that all that exists is our imagination. We’ve enjoyed experimenting with what time means, taking part in challenges and activities that are timed and measuring how long a task might take to complete.


Throughout the term we will be documenting and recording the Saturday Sprungster’s weekly activities to contribute towards the creation of a digital time capsule, as a way of capturing their ideas and explorations. 


Time capsules are often used to capture important milestones, memories and memorabilia of the present time, ready to be discovered by people from a future time. The Saturday Sprungsters will be using the creation of their own time capsule to record their discoveries and responses to our investigation of time- past, present and future, time travel and passing time. We hope this topic will provide an exciting opportunity for Saturday Sprungsters to imagine what life might be like in the future and what they see themselves doing in years to come.



Instead of hiding the finished time capsule away for future generations, Saturday Sprungsters will be sharing their time capsule at the end of the term (which of course is currently in the future), creating another important milestone and memory to share forever.


We’re really looking forward to creating the time capsule and hope to have lots to share as ideas are contributed…


For the first time in 5 years we have spaces in our Saturday Group 1 - at the very beginning of a Highly Sprung journey - See our sign up offer for ages 4-6!

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