Past Productions


Blueprint showcased the potential of physical performance in 2017 performed by some of Coventry’s most talented young performers. 

An exploration into the innovations of Genetic engineering, questioning the use of science to find perfection. A thought provoking piece of young people’s theatre depicting how one innovation can change the world we live in. 

"Really great sense of humour and dealt with sensitive matters too."

"Fantastic way of getting people to think about "normal' and "perfection" and our aspirations in-between."

"Beautiful, emotionally intelligent theatre form a group of dedicated young people."



Witness was created as the headline performance for Physical Fellowship, Coventry 2016, sharing one girl's observations about the strange world of the teenager.

What are they and where did they even come from?

What does it mean to be a teenager and what happens when you realise you won't get the chance to be one?

2016's theme Witness, looks at how events are perceived, experienced and re-told. All performances presented as part of The Physical Fellowship take inspiration from the experience of being a witness, accounts of seeing, experiencing or feeling moments that are both personal, global, historical and present.

Observer, onlooker, eyewitness, spectator, viewer, watcher, bystander, passerby all have a story to tell and share.

"Really wonderful to see young people in a positive light, having a space to play, be creative and a platform to say something."

"Truly outstanding – never imagined young people could do such a professional job!"



Sprungsters Advance created the headline performance of Pages for the 2015 Physical Fellowship at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. A group of young producers, working towards their Silver Arts Award commisioned the Highly Sprung team to help create and choreograph their performance. 


Pages was inspired by books and a love of reading. Pages looks at that certain something in books, that something we can’t imagine, that takes us by surprise, there is magic in books, they stitch together patches of the universe into something spectacular.



The Christmas tree is up, decorations set and the turkey’s been bought but yet it still doesn’t feel like Christmas.


Rest at ease as the Christmas Clowns of Highly Sprung take up the challenge to bring Christmas back to the masses with their take on the famous Nutcracker.

Ballet positions are lost, the nutcracker is nuts and red noses are flying high in this festive family treat.


It’s the Nutcracker like you’ve never seen before, a crazed concoction of madness and insanity coupled with frantic frenzy, but that’s what happens when clowns attempt to recreate a Christmas classic.


Still stuffed full of the magic moments we all know, rats battle soldiers, sweets are served in bulk and the Sugar Plum Fairy steps in to save the day!


Beyond the Cloud

“The tragedy of humankind is science. The tragedy of science is humankind.” -This is a story of fiction based on fact.

Headlining the Physical Fellowship 2012 Highly Sprung youth once again teamed up with professional performers from Highly Sprung Performance Co. to create a stunning new piece of physical theatre, Beyond the Cloud.

Pushing the boundaries of art and science the piece unpicked the influence of one of science’s most significant and dangerous breakthroughs and asked the question does our pursuit for scientific advancement often leave us questioning our own humanity?

Beyond The Cloud looked at the story behind the splitting of the atom, the scientific revolution that in one moment gave us the answer to sustainable energy and at the same time introduced the possibility of destruction beyond the limits of imagination.

A complex story of chance meetings and brilliant minds that reminds us that nothing is impossible only temporarily improbable.

"A phenomenal performance! Energetic, awe-inspiring, enchanting, powerful and truly excellent."


‘Shoes’ was created in our shortest rehearsal/devising period to date. The performance was the result of three days of intensive work exploring a retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's classic fairy story 'The Red Shoes'.

Originally we explored the story from the perspective of the personal change and pain that is caused through interaction with the red shoes themselves. We explored the story's main themes of obsession, temptation, compulsion and jealousy, this led us to present the shoes in human form and investigate the effect caused by introducing that person into a family.

We first thought it was the girl, representing the red shoes, who bought tragedy to the family, but quickly realised it was the family members, with their secrets, fears and compulsions that work to destroy the wearer of the red shoes.

We wanted to express the intricate relationships of a family whose history is ruined by tragedy and how their inability to deal with this tragedy as a unit eventually evolves into a destructive force that destroys what is innocent, beautiful and could have offered them the hope and future that they sought so passionately.