Make a difference

Every young person needs to find their me.

Your support today could help a young person discover their unique identity and creativity.

Make a difference

Every young person needs to find their me.

Your support today could help a young person discover their unique identity and creativity.

We put young people at the heart of our work in ways no other company does.

Empowering every young person to discover their creative potential and explore their own unique voice through dance, drama and physical theatre.

Each year we work directly with over 30,000 children and young people. For a great many of them, we are their happy place. Somewhere they come to make friends, to have fun, to discover and learn more about themselves and each other, to grow and build confidence. Somewhere to find their me.

“Sprungsters brings young people together, developing their imagination and exploring their potential. Watching their transformation as they discover who they are through the creative opportunities we provide is just amazing.”
Mark and Sarah Worth
“The first thing I noticed about Sprungsters was how warm, welcoming and committed the entire organisation was to making every single member feel recognised and valued. There was a noticeable ethos of caring: being a member of their youth theatre really felt like being welcomed into a big family. Alongside this, I loved how the company strived to make ambitious work which tackled relevant and compelling ideas, using young people’s opinions. There was a real sense of collaboration; like everyone was learning from one another. ”

We live in hugely challenging times. With schools and social spaces closed, we need to make sure the harsh realities of social isolation don’t adversely impact the physical and mental health of our children and young people. For disadvantaged children or low-income children, these realities often hit harder.

We can help. With your help.

Asking for your support right now is a really tough ask. We know that. But our young people need access to our activities and programmes now more than ever.

Changing Lives

When I found Sprungsters I was a teenager suffering from anxiety; Sprungsters gave me time and space to let go of my worries and harness them into acting and movement.

Sprungsters is like having a door opened to you where you are exposed to limitless opportunities. It helps your personal development both on and off stage, the impact is unquantifiable!

Sprungsters pushed me to new heights, and ensured that even if I tried to, I couldn’t doubt just how far I’ve come.

Sprungsters transforms the lives of young people. Watch some of their stories below to find out how.

Sponsor a Sprungster

Sprungsters is a performance-based youth group with a difference. Offering young people aged 13-19 weekly workshops using physical theatre, to develop imagination, promote creativity and inspire enjoyment.

By Sponsoring a Sprungster you’re providing a bursary to a gifted young person in hardship. Your money will pay for their place at Sprungsters; a place they’d otherwise be unable to afford. It’s an investment in the talent and future potential of a child that really needs it.

helps one young person to attend Sprungsters for a term


helps one young person to attend Sprungsters for a whole year


funds a group of ten young people to take part in Sprungsters for a year

During the coronavirus lockdown Sprungsters is still going strong! We’ve moved our weekly meetups online and continue to deliver workshops, chats and creative opportunities like never before. Your donation right now can really make a difference.

Other ways you can give

As a charity, we rely on a range of supporters to enable us to make work that raises children’s aspirations and inspires audiences.

Please consider offering your support today.

Your donations will allow us to continue making brave, beautiful and extraordinary performance theatre inspired by humanity, science, and the complex world around us.


Donate online

These are uncertain times in the arts sector and any donation you can make will help ensure we continue to thrive. If you are a UK tax payer we may be able to claim Gift Aid on your donation which means for every £1 you donate we can claim an additional 25p.

Support and Shop

Join nearly 2 million shoppers and use easyfundraiser to shop online. It’s completely FREE and every time you spend online with any of the 4,000 brands or retailers in the scheme, they will make a donation to us. 

Your donation will:

help one young person to attend Sprungsters for a year

cost: £240

pay for five days of artist time delivering schools workshops in areas of high deprivation

cost: £1,000

enables 30 children (an entire class) in areas with high child obesity to participate in our ‘Healthy Hearts’ project

cost: £3,900

fund a tour to eight UK venues, so we can bring our transformative work to new audiences who may not otherwise engage in the arts

cost: £16,000

Our thank you

As a token of our gratitude you will receive:

  • regular updates on the work we’ve been able to deliver with your support
  • news on upcoming performances and events
  • you or your company credits on our website*
  • exclusive access to our online production video archive

If you’ve sponsored a Sprungster you’ll receive:

  • a personal thank you message from a Sprungster you’ve supported
  • invitations to Sprungsters’ performances hosted during the year

A huge thank you to everyone who supports us – we couldn’t do it without you!