Up, Up & Away

Everyone says Joe is ‘different’, that he doesn’t fit in. So when Joe is given the chance to float away into the sky above he doesn’t hesitate to go. 

What awaits him in the sky are wonderful experiences and new friends that delight and inspire him... But more importantly Joe finds out about himself, how his differences make him more special than he ever imagined. Joe learns to believe in himself and learns that just being yourself sometimes makes you the best you can be!


Up, Up and Away draws on the successful collaboration between Vortex Creates and Highly Sprung in the creation of a new piece of work specifically for audiences of children and their adults.

The creation of this performance comes out of the company’s vision to create a new piece of work for children that inspires their imaginations, is an immersive experience and allows them to ask questions of themselves.


The performance brings together innovative and playful design in costume, puppetry and set and Highly Sprung’s high energy performance style all set with the frame of a low-level aerial rig.


Up, Up and Away creates a sense of magic, beauty and intrigue for the children who see it. To associate with the story of a Boy, Joe, who feels he doesn’t fit, who is different. Then through witnessing his journey the audience learning how to celebrate each person’s individuality and uniqueness.


The performances aims to offer an interactive experience for audiences, sitting them close to the action of the story and asking them to contribute to the performance as it develops.

Sarah Worth, Artistic Director

"Up, Up and Away was devised to give children the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the differences they see in themselves and in others, something that is significant as they grow up in a world where normal no longer applies."

"The atmosphere! Kids have never experienced anything like this ever!
Best show ever, or so far!!!"

"We loved all of it! (everyone can relate to) the message that it gives to people and the feeling! Its like you don’t just watch it – you live it and feel it too. And the interactive elements."

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