A bold new direction in physical theatre choreographed around a bespoke structure, intriguing, enchanting and thought-provoking. Highly Sprung once again take on a global issue with a narrative that makes it at once personal and motivating.


Urban Astronaut is a walkabout piece and physical performance exploring the environmental issue of air pollution, one of the most serious problems affecting the environment today.


An astronaut is suspended up to 20ft in the air, walking as if without gravity, spinning and turning, using a flying machine attached by harness at the hips, aerial performance without strings. 


The astronaut is a traveller from a future version of earth, which has been destroyed and made inhospitable through our continued lack of respect for air pollution. The astronaut has returned to the past to find an answer to this future crisis. 


The answer is found when the astronaut encounters a girl who is able to convince him that the human race still has the ability to make the changes needed now to save our planet in the future.



"Beautiful, moving piece by far my standout favourite of the whole festival!"

2019 - Tour Dates



6th - Party in the Park, Woking

13th - Summer in Southside, Birmingham

16th & 17th - Za Dvermi, Prague

21st - National Park City Festival, London


3rd - Bromsgrove

17th - Redbridge

23rd - Wakefield


7th & 8th - Cleethorpes


The Urban Astronaut is now booking for 2019.


Please see the tour pack for more details, and contact us to check availability and costings.

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