The Roswells


The Roswells

What happens when an alien family sets its holiday destination as planet Earth?


The Roswells have made the UK their holiday destination of choice and are here to discover just what a typical British holiday looks like. Premieriing their first outing at The Shresbury Folk Festival The Roswells were a huge hit with adults and children alike and have since travelled the UK providing entertainment and intrigue where ever they go!


Now available to make more event completely unique, fun filled and 'out of this world' The Roswells are open to bookings.



Professors Egg & Egg

Meet Professors Egg & Egg, the world’s most knowledgeable and heroic dinosaur egg-sperts!

Once on the scene join Egg & Egg on their strange journey to discover more about your very own dinosaur, how it came to be there and what to look out for on the search to find it.


Professors Egg & Egg will be onsite giving everyone a chance to grapple with the big questions about the past: what did happen to the dinosaurs and did the egg really come first? Understanding the ins and outs of palaeontology and the lessons that can be learnt from fossils from times gone by.


Do you dare get up close and personal with the 1.5 metre tall Conchovenasinoraptor, created by Entity?


Professors Egg & Egg are available to book for your Egg-citing event!

The Honeyz

Allow the larger than life characters from Highly Sprung take you on a journey into the world of these wonderful mini beasts, bees. The Honeyz, a feisty trio of bee loving ladies, are here with answers to all your questions about the the true legends of the six legged world, from pollination and conservation all the way to evolution, they will leave no stone or flower unturned!


Join the Honeyz to sing and dance your way to bee know-how, and encounter more than one sticky situation along the way- honey jars without any honey, lonely flowers looking for friends and many other problems that need your help.


Meet your experts, Miss Bee Haviour, Miss Bee Havinu and Miss Bee Nawhile and take part in the crazy antics of these bee lovers. ‘Bee’ active as you take on the essential roles of flowers, hives and of course don’t forget your invitation to join the swarm.


The Honeyz are our brand new walkabout act, as seen as Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2016, and are available for all your bee bookings...

Folk Faeries

Look out the Faeries are on the loose! Set free from the magical midnight faery kingdom and they're looking for some fun and mischief, can you spot the Folk Faeries as they tumble and dash about?


Find your faery name and take part in the naming ceremony

Listen to some real faery stores  

Learn some faery tricks

Take part in a faery dance. 


Now available to make more event completely unique, fun filled The Folk Faeries are open to bookings.


Join Beewolf and her best friends Ashwood and Firebreath, her pet dragon, as they embark on a perilous journey to save the kingdom.


Raised by bears and bristling with courage, Beewolf knows no fear. Can you help her and her friends as they embark on their most dangerous quest to date, to defeat a terrifying Ogre that has been rampaging through the kingdom?


Help Beewolf and Ashwood hunt treasure, train as fearless fighters and listen to tales of death defying feats.  Meet Firebreath, the tamest, friendliest dragon in the kingdom, play fetch, watch dragon tricks and have a go at some dragon agility trials… Find the warrior inside you and join Beewolf on her mission to bring peace to the people!

Book Pirates

A full 45 minute adventure to find the lost treasure of Library Island, first created for Warwickshire Libraries Fantastic Fun with Words Festival 2016, with Vortex Creates.


Join the Book Pirates on a journey of adventure, with mysteries to solve and hardships to overcome. 


Filled with fun and high energy performance The Book Pirates is an interactive journey of intrigue, thrills and spills. Audiences are invited to join this bunch of plundering pirates on a quest to find a lost treasure. What can it be and where is it hidden?  Be careful not to upset the captain, there might be a plank to be walked, decks to be scrubbed or a meeting with the cat o’nine tails to be avoided.


Do you have what it takes to join the Book Pirates?


The Book Pirates is a new storytelling performance which can be tailored to your event and location, to make a truly brilliant adventure for your audiences/guests!

Off The Page

Working with design company Vortex Creates to breathe new life into favourite characters from classic literature Off the Page presents a walk about performance designed to bring excitement to any space or setting.


Designed for audience interaction and short performance moments Off the Page engages audiences of all ages. The project's first tour to Warwickshire libraries attracted audiences of 1800 and recieved excellent feedback.


Charcters include: Miss Havisham (Charles Dicken's Great Expectations), Captain Hook and Peter Pan, The Time Traveller (H.G Wells' The Time Machine) the Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) Snow Queen (Hans Christian Anderson), Fagin (Great Expectations), Oberon and Titania (Midsummer Night's Dream), Philomeana Fogg (Around the World in 80 Days), Frankenstein and Swallows and Amazons.


Off the Page is currently taking bookings for inclusion in other library projects, festivals and literary events.


Costs start from £325 + VAT per artist, per day. Costume hire dependant on chosen Walkabout is additional, as is travel to the venue


Walkabouts acts are available across the UK, please contact us to tell us about your festival/event and for more information

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