Highly Sprung regularly deliver tailored physical performance workshops, projects and residencies to schools and communities across the UK.

Working with children and young people is at our core, all our work is produced to inspire learning, develop skills and engage participants to inspire ambition and raise aspirations.


Our learning programme covers a huge variety of topics and curriculum based topics, developing physical performance and promoting collaborative working as key skills. We work with children from age 4 in nursery settings through to students studying in higher education at post-degree level. 

We also deliver CPD to educators, teachers and youth leaders.

Highly Sprung have a great commitment to working in strong collaboration with schools and teachers to ensure that work that is undertaken leaves an accessible and worthwhile legacy for all involved.


If you are interested in discussing how we can meet your individual workshop needs or if you have an idea about how we can work for you, please get in touch: team@highlysprungperformance.co.uk

“An incredible experience  for all those involved, the  practitioners were  focused, energised and  inspiring, the pupils were  in awe and learnt so  much!”


Physical Fellowship

The UK's only physical theatre festival exclusively for young people.

One Giant Leap

An arts, science and maths project for KS2 children. using new approaches to teach STEM subjects.


A performance led project delivering the entire physics curriculum for KS1 &2, exploring Light, Sound, Electricity and Forces.



Bespoke Workshops

Designed to kick start any topic in an exciting, immersive and engaging way.

Highly Sprung will work on any topic to design an imaginative and  fully interactive experience which will inspire students and equip them with the understanding and key skills to extend their learning through the exploration of a theme. Often bespoke workshops lead to the creation of performances for children share as part of assemblies or family events.

Recent bespoke workshop days have included:

African Story Telling, Victorians, WW2, Traditional Tales, Myths and Legends, Fractions, Rainforests.


Highly Sprung offer an artist in residency service, which matches your school's needs with experienced and highly motivated artists. Providing physical learning sessions that are embedded in the curriculum and are delivered regularly throughout the school year, every week, term or annually. Providing children with the benefit of excellent cultural experiences within their own school environment.

Creative Curriculum

A creative or cross-curriculum project employs company artists, whose disciplines lie in dance, drama and physical performance, working in a particular subject area or subject areas to look at developing collaborative and/or creative approaches to teaching in these subjects that challenge and extend current teaching practices.

The company’s approach is firmly rooted within the use of game, problem solving activities and physical work as a way of encouraging the development of creative and divergent thinking. Kinaesthetic teaching is not about learning how to move but learning to physically engage with the world around us and the problems and challenges we face providing opportunities for students to become holistic and creative learners. 


We have recently been recognised for our expertise in using physical learning approaches to explore maths and science in the curriculum.

“The impact on pupils’ levels of  engagement and their self  confidence has been significant  and as a result, so has their  learning.” -Teacher


Physical Theatre & Devising

Providing students with a high energy challenging opportunity to engage in the company’s style of physical theatre. 

Working through a range of games, exercises and activities students will learn the techniques and approaches to creating physical theatre using a style of performance that expresses a narrative through movement that speaks and text that moves.

Using our unique approach to theatre making students will work with an experienced practitioner to gain the skills needed to create their own performances, explore texts and topics and understand the key principles behind devising. 

The workshops place a great emphasis on collaborative devising. The workshop looks at performance skills and gives clear exercises to stimulate the devising process. 

The devising workshop also addresses the key skills required for students to enhance their abilities in movement, directing and critical analysis.

Workshops Available:

  • Ensemble work

  • Curriculum enrichment days

  • Workshops to support our touring projects

  • Mental Health and well being

  • Workshops to compliment GCSE and A'Level 

  • Performance making

  • Residencies

"It has given me a chance  to try more things and  push myself out of my  comfort zone." Student

"The workshops and  performance were  fantastic, the students  really enjoyed  themselves. Leaders  worked incredibly hard  with them and the  students have benefited  so much." Teacher



My students really had a thought-provoking, inspired and enjoyable experience. I think the work of the company is both necessary, relevant and relatable for its audience.

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