Using movement to tell stories when words won’t do


Using movement to tell stories when words won’t do

Hello, we’re Highly Sprung

The UK’s leading physical theatre company making work for and with children and young people.

We create outdoor and indoor performances that tell stories through movement, gesture and dance. Stories inspired by humanity, science, and the complex world around us.

We also train artists in physical theatre and run projects in primary and secondary schools here and across the world.


We create original physical theatre that empowers young people to explore and express their unique creativity and identity.


We train and mentor both new and established arts practitioners in physical theatre and the kinaesthetic learning processes at the heart of our work.


Our youth group with a difference develops physical performance skills and creativity in 4-19 year olds, in a fun and supportive setting. Get in touch for a free tasters session. 


We explore primary and secondary curriculum-based topics through physical performance to increase confidence, creativity and collaborative working.

For 2021 we have launched Ready, Box Set, Go, a new digital resource with series of engaging, dynamic packages. 

What’s On Now



Ready Box-Set Go is a new teaching resource for Primary and Secondary Schools. Using our signature approach and expertise, we have packaged up the ‘Highly Sprung experience’ in a way which is accessible and deliverable in current conditions.

We are offering a range of varied, engaging ‘box-sets’ to deliver in the classroom, packed full of physical and digital resources for Key Stages 1 to 5. Each inspired by a Highly Sprung story or performance, box sets address a range of themes and will make a real difference to children and young people as schools return

Throughout the delivery of these sessions, you won’t be on your own. Highly Sprung will be here to support teachers every step of the way, with structured guidance, CPD and lesson plans.


View our prospectus and learn more here.

An image of a white cardboard box, with text reading 'Ready Box Set Go!' There are three images on the box: an astronaut, an Emperor and a heart,
A turquoise square with text reading 'Changing Climates'
A group of young performers on stage. They are dressed in loose-fitting clothing that is blue, grey and red, and throwing their hands up into the air.

Changing Climates Festival:

On Sale Now

Mon 28th June  –  Thu 3rd July 2021

Belgrade Theatre Coventry


Produced by the newly established Coventry Young Producers Collective, the Changing Climates festival provides a platform for 400 young people aged 11-19 to undergo professional standard training in performance making and engages them in environmental activism. Every evening, the festival will showcase performances from young people across the region. 


Theatre will be used as a creative response to local and global environmental problems, considering questions regarding the impact of climate change and pollution in our societies and on us as individuals. What will our futures look like if no action is taken, what will the impact be on clean air, fresh water, unlimited food and resources, even our ability to communicate with each-other?


Book your tickets via the Belgrade Theatre here. 

What People Say

Training with Highly Sprung enhanced my teaching practice and equipped me with a new skill set. I learnt to approach workshops as a narrative, and this has provided me with a structure to my teaching that I can be creative and play with.

Artist Training

No-one who watched the performance would have failed to be moved by the poignant storytelling achieved with excellent craft and skill by the performers. The wonderful smiling faces of the children and the tears of the adults clearly showed how much the narrative had touched us all.

Up, Up and Away

My nine-year-old daughter was completely taken in by your performance. I could tell her about what’s going on with the planet again and again and it would just go over her head. What you’ve just done there, will stay with her forever.

Urban Astronaut