Using movement to tell stories when words won’t do


Using movement to tell stories when words won’t do

Hello, we’re Highly Sprung

The UK’s leading physical theatre company making work for and with children and young people.

We create outdoor and indoor performances that tell stories through movement, gesture and dance. Stories inspired by humanity, science, and the complex world around us.

We also train artists in physical theatre and run projects in primary and secondary schools here and across the world.


We create original physical theatre that empowers young people to explore and express their unique creativity and identity.


We train and mentor both new and established arts practitioners in physical theatre and the kinaesthetic learning processes at the heart of our work.


Our youth group with a difference develops physical performance skills and creativity in 4-19 year olds, in a fun and supportive setting. Get in touch for a free tasters session. 


We explore primary and secondary curriculum-based topics through physical performance to increase confidence, creativity and collaborative working.

For 2021 we have launched Ready, Box Set, Go, a new digital resource with series of engaging, dynamic packages. 

What’s On Now

Education: a creative approch to the curriculum with Ready Box-Set Go  for Key Stages 1-5 


Ready Box-Set Go is a new teaching resource for Primary and Secondary Schools. Using our signature approach and expertise, we have packaged up the ‘Highly Sprung experience’ in a way which is accessible and deliverable for teachers.

We are offering a range of varied, engaging ‘box-sets’ to deliver in the classroom, packed full of physical and digital resources. Each inspired by a Highly Sprung story or performance, box sets address a range of themes and will make a real difference to children and young people.





An image of a white cardboard box, with text reading 'Ready Box Set Go!' There are three images on the box: an astronaut, an Emperor and a heart,
A woman in a dark blue tattered dress flies in the air, suspended from an aerial rig. She looks troubled and is holding a string of rubbish and paste waste.

Catch Us On Tour 


Catch outdoor aerial performances Urban Astronaut and CastAway on tour this Autumn and Summer.


These stunning performances tackle themes relating the the climate crisis, inspiring audiences through dynamic movement and starting vital conversations on issues of air pollution, plastic waste in our waterways and today’s ‘throwaway society.’





Youth Theatre with a Difference for 4-19 year-olds in Coventry

Weekly workshops using physical theatre practice to develop imagination, promote creativity and inspire enjoyment.   

Combining drama, speech and movement for a uniquely physical approach to theatre-making, Sprung takes participants on a creative journey, giving them the time and space to develop their own voice. 


4 logos in green, pink, yellow & blue on white background. The logos are cartoony and colourful & read 'Sprung Launch, Sprung Stars, Sprung Lets, Sprung Advance.'

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